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The Community Research Alliance is a network of community organizations and research partners (also known as Affiliates) dedicated to addressing health-related inequities in the Greater Hartford area through research collaborations. Being an Affiliate includes the following benefits and responsibilities:

Benefits of being an affiliate are as follows:

  • Opportunity to suggest and to participate in events, meetings and workshops addressing health inequities in the Greater Hartford area.
  • Opportunity to acquire funded efforts to build organizational and alliance capacity to reduce health disparities among constituents.
  • Opportunity to work collaboratively with research partners to address specific health disparities.
  • Opportunity to join the Steering Committee to help further define the identity of the alliance and promote our community health agenda.
  • Opportunity to network and build relationships with other community organizations focused on health.

Responsibilities of being a CRA affiliate

  • Attending quarterly meetings and special events
  • Referring other community organizations/government agencies
  • Contributing to the discussion of health equity by sharing ideas, information, and resources
  • Suggesting and hosting CRA events if applicable

Please fill out this survey if you are interested in becoming a CRA Affiliate

Application to Become a CRA Affiliate: Organization Representatives 

Application to Become a CRA Affiliate: Individuals