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COVID Conversations


Workshop 1 | Coping with COVID issues and inequities

May 13, 2021

In workshop one, participant discussed what strategies were successful in the distribution of vaccines and addressing vaccine hesitancy, what gaps and failures existed in the the distribution of vaccines and addressing vaccine hesitancy, and what resources are needed to fill gaps and address failures. 

To access the notes from Workshop 1 click here. 


Workshop 2 |Identifying the key issues in coping with COVID

May 20, 2021


In Workshop 2 participants discussed how Hartford can reach the remaining unvaccinated population with a focus on equity and build on lessons learned during COVID to strengthen public health infrastructure. They also considered what data is needed to address health and social inequities and COVID vaccination hesitancy.

To access the notes from Workshop 2 click here

Workshop 3 | Discussing and consolidating recommendations and policy implications

September 14th, 2021

In Workshop 3 participants discussed possible strategies to develop communications platforms that integrates government, foundation, private and nonprofit/advocacy organizations to provide equitable and relevant solutions to public health issues.

To access the notes from Workshop 3 click here.

Workshop 4 |Changemakers challenging Racism, COVID and Health Disparities

January 31st, 2022

Workshop 4, the final workshop in this series, consisted of  sharing a policy brief with advocacy organizations. The conversation focused on what is being done in each of the policy recommendation areas by policy advocacy organizations and change agents working at the interface of racism and social and health justice. The policy recommendations are critical to better management of COVID-19 and the factors that result in disparities in vaccination and high levels of distrust in health care and government institutions.

To access to presentation slides from Workshop 4 click here