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Conversations and Talks

Community Conversations.

The CRA sponsors community wide conversations on critical health topics. The purpose of the conversations is to: a) bring people together across multiple sectors to discuss a health issue and evaluate how to confront it collectively; b) introduce information from community, science and other knowledge-based sectors that may not be available otherwise; c) to make sure that community voices are heard; d) to create policy recommendations and disseminate them throughout the community and to policy makers.

COVID-19 Conversations 2020-2021

A series of five conversations with representation from CBOs, city government, state government, hospitals and clinics, and foundations to assess Hartford’s response to COVID-19 and recommend ways of improving the response in the future. Recommendations were widely distributed. The materials including a case study of the Hartford response are located (here).

Mental Health Conversations 2022-2023

A series of five conversations with multiple sectors to discuss gaps in mental health service delivery, and alternative more culturally embedded forms of mental health treatment, especially for stress reduction and the development of new coping skills. The conversations were hybrid and included community-based organizations and community representatives especially youth, providers at different levels, and service organizations concerned with the mental health of their clients. The report on this series is located (here). (will be done shortly).

Topical Talks on Health Equity